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Tapestry Community Capital provides a full-service solution to qualified issuers wishing to unlock impact investments.

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In 1998, a group of passionate community members decided to build North America’s first urban wind turbine. With perseverance, community support, and the investment of 600 committed individuals, the project came to life. This wind turbine that stands proudly on Toronto’s lakeshore has become a beacon for sustainable energy and community investment across Canada. 

This project inspired some of Canada’s most notable community bond campaigns, including those led by SolarShare, ZooShare and the Centre for Social Innovation. These projects became the first threads of our Tapestry. 

Witnessing the success of community investment in renewable energy, we committed ourselves to making community bonds accessible across all sectors, from education to affordable housing. With our full service support, we make it easy for nonprofits and cooperatives across Canada to raise funds on their terms, bring their projects to life, and build deep connections with their community in the process. 

Our name and our brand represent who we are and what we believe in – we believe in the power of community.

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Our vision come to life

We are catalyzing a vibrant community investment marketplace to finance iconic community projects. As a social finance leader with a proven process and track record, our goal is to work with qualified issuers to help them finance 80 iconic projects across Canada with community bonds by 2024.

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We’re here to help you create your unique tapestry of community support every step of the way. We weave our community finance expertise into your team’s fabric. Meet our team:

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