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Tapestry Community Capital is excited to welcome Chris Mohan to the team! Chris will work for the summer as an investment analyst, supporting

 various teams within Tapestry as we level up our work with affordable housing providers, share knowledge and resources about community finance widely, and much more. 

Chris’s first foray into the world of social finance was two-fold. As a student in business and engineering at Western University, Chris joined the school’s climate justice group, leading investigations into the university’s investment portfolio and greenwashing practices in its responsible investing strategy. He also interned with the LEAP | Pecaut Centre for Social Impact, supporting ventures focused on health and women’s economic resilience. “It was after that experience that I knew that I wasn’t leaving the social impact space,” Chris says.

Now, working with Tapestry as a participant in Propel Impact’s Summer Analyst program, Chris is excited to dive into community finance. “I’m really excited to be at Tapestry. I first heard about Tapestry through that YouTube video by About Here highlighting the Kensington Market Community Land Trust, and I thought that was such an exciting opportunity to actually fund community power,” Chris says. “I really think as community bonds scale, we’re going to unlock so many amazing new opportunities for us to reinvigorate not just housing and community projects, but also local democracy.”

Chris is interested in the behind-the-scenes working of community finance for another reason, too: “I do hope one day to work on nonprofit or co-housing developments for my community and for my family,” Chris shares. “With the high interest rates on mortgages, it’s just an impossible feat to actually be able to pay a mortgage lender and accumulate the down payment required…And at the same time, as an added bonus, we can move away from this more individualistic and separated lifestyle.”

When Chris isn’t working or dreaming up future housing co-ops, he enjoys reading (mostly nonfiction, but he’s open to fiction recommendations), cycling, and volunteering at a Toronto organization called Charlie’s Freewheels, where he helps teach young people about building bikes.

We hope you’ll have the opportunity to meet Chris soon. If you’d like to get in touch, you can reach him at Welcome to the team, Chris!