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Tapestry Community Capital is happy to welcome Heather Watt-Kapitain to the team. As Campaign Manager, Heather will support community bond issuers through all stages of the bond lifecycle, from the earliest feasibility stages all the way to reinvestment campaigns. 

Heather brings with her many years of experience in project management, entrepreneurship, stakeholder engagement, facilitation, and community finance. In 2016, when she was chair of the board of 10C, a coworking space in Downtown Guelph, Ontario, she supported the campaign to purchase and renovate a 15,000 square foot building — and raise $2.5 million for it through community bonds. 

In 2021, Heather left the board for a staff role at 10C where she joined the Harvest Impact team, a character-based lender powering social enterprises and regenerative farmers working toward a circular economy. 

Heather’s looking forward to bringing all of this experience to Tapestry’s clients — and in doing so, “shifting status quo, shifting mindsets, getting people to see the possibility and the opportunity in social finance,” she says. “In a time where there can

be general feelings of hopelessness, community bonds give people an opportunity to take action and support effective change.”

Outside of work, Heather has a busy home life with three kids and three dogs. She loves to read and spend time in the woods in Guelph, where she lives. “The entire Tapestry team knows that my son and I have this cold plunge challenge that we’ve been doing for the last 10 weeks,” she adds with a laugh, “so I like taking on absurd things like that.”

We hope you’ll have the opportunity to meet Heather soon. If you’d like to get in touch, you can reach her at Welcome to the team, Heather!