Welcome! You’ll find everything you need to know about being a part of our “Investing in Housing” program here. Our goal is to support affordable housing providers to raise investment from their communities. 

Together, we will strengthen the community investment marketplace, demonstrate the power of this innovative financing model, and provide Canadians with a meaningful avenue to support the creation and preservation of affordable housing.

Program Phases

Getting Started

This part of the program is covered by CMHC funding for all participating organizations.

Readiness Assessment

Let’s find out how ready your organization is to prepare for a community bond campaign to raise capital. Please complete this discovery survey in order to move forward in the program.

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Meet & Greet

Here’s our opportunity to connect in-person or virtually and learn more about the program and next steps. We’ll discuss your readiness assessment and how Tapestry can assist you in raising Community Investment. Please sign up for a session here.

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These 2.5-hour workshops will provide valuable information to key people in your organization (Board, Staff, Volunteers) about community bonds, why and how they work, and how Tapestry will support you through the process.

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Planning & Assessment

This part of the program is covered by CMHC funding for all participating organizations.

Planning & Feasibility

This 8 – 10 week phase is an interactive study to determine what is required to ready your organization to be in an ideal position to raise community investment for your project, and to determine how those funds will be used. Tapestry will provide best practises, templates, review materials, and support and coach your team.

  • Financial modeling
  • Identification of stakeholders & prospect engagement via stakeholder consultations to gauge interest
  • Investment terms &  goals established
  • Preparation of early investor collaterals


After your organization has completed the Planning & Feasibility phase, Tapestry will either recommend your organization to continue on to the Structuring phase of the program, or work on any gaps or barriers that may be preventing your progress towards raising community capital. Your assessment will be emailed to you, and you will have the opportunity to discuss with the Tapestry team.

Your Community Investment Campaign

Tapestry charges a percentage of the total amount of investment raised to Structure the campaign and Raise the capital. Organizations can raise additional community bond funds to cover Tapestry’s fee.


During this 3 – 4 month phase, we will work with you to prepare the materials and set up the infrastructure required to launch a successful community bond campaign. Tapestry will provide best practises, templates, review materials, and support and coach your team.

  • Finalized financial model
  • Legally reviewed investor package:
    • Offering Statement which includes all details of the organization and project, financials, risks, and key people/organizations involved
    • Business Plan
    • Investment Term Sheet
    • Trustee Agreement
  • Sales & Marketing Plan
  • RRSP/TFSA eligibility coordination
  • Onboarding to Atticus, Tapestry’s Investment Management Platform and Online Portal
  • Customer Relationship Management System Set-up, including workflows and email templates
  • Team training on all relevant systems, sales coaching on securing investments and managing the sales process
  • Project Management

Raising the Capital

Once your community bond campaign launches, Tapestry is with you every step of the way to assist your organization in meeting your sales goals. Your Campaign Manager will meet with your team regularly to help you build community excitement and media attention, review your marketing and communications materials, advise on sales strategy, and oversee your pipeline of investors. Our Investment Management team will process and track your investments.

  • Engaging and information marketing materials, reviewed by Tapestry
  • Dynamic communication strategy
  • Investors onboarded into the pipeline and followed up with regularly
  • Sales team responding effectively to investor queries and closing sales
  • Investment transactions processed accurately and timely
  • Regular sales reporting


Once your community bond raise is complete, Tapestry charges a hourly fee to provide investment management services and a per-investment fee to store and track the investments in Atticus, our Investment Management Platform.

  • Disburse interest payments as per agreed upon payment schedule
  • Issue T5 and/or RL-3 investment income slips
  • Generate account statements for brokerages and financial institutions holding investments
  • Manage bond maturity events
  • Provide financial reports


The Workshop, Planning & Feasibility, and Assessment phases of the campaign are covered by CMHC funding. 

Support provided by Tapestry for Structuring and Raise is charged as a percentage of the funds being raised.

Costs can be paid from the capital raised via your Community Bond campaign.