Affordable Housing

Housing affordability is one of the greatest challenges in Canada. Now more than ever, housing providers require flexible financing to acquire, build, and maintain homes that meet the needs of their communities.

Community bonds are a powerful tool to unlock capital and cultivate local support. They offer a flexible and scalable financing solution that can be utilized for various purposes, including pre-development, property acquisition, construction, and retrofits.

Why Community Bonds?

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Discover the community bond process through the journeys of six remarkable affordable housing providers. Join us as they pave the path forward.

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Program Participants

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Housing affordability is a critical concern for Canadians. To restore affordability by 2030, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation estimates we need 3.5 million additional housing units beyond current projections.

To address this challenge, we need a source of financing that empowers affordable housing organizations to take action.

Why Community Bonds?

  • Flexible financing: Set terms that suit your project and financial situation.
  • High demand: Tapestry-supported campaigns always sell out, attracting impact-driven investors.
  • Community engagement: Community bonds foster local and national support for your project.
  • Scalable funding: With a 70% reinvestment rate, your first campaign can lead to a long-term pool of capital for future housing projects.
  • Sustainable impact: Community bonds channel capital back to everyday citizens, bolstering local economies.

Types of housing providers supported

Tapestry is committed to supporting a diverse range of organizations in each Investing in Housing cohort, encompassing non-profit housing providers, cooperatives, and land trusts.

Our 2023/24 cohort comprises ten organizations dedicated to developing a variety of projects, including deeply affordable, supportive, and mixed-use initiatives.

Program oversight

Since 1998, Tapestry has been a steadfast supporter of Canadian non-profits and co-operatives, helping them raise over $100 million from a network of 4,000+ community investors. We are passionate about advocating for flexible financing solutions that benefit affordable housing providers.

The Investing in Housing program is made possible through the generous support of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

Financial Support

The Investing in Housing program provides valuable support, free of charge, for organizations to assess the viability of launching a community bond campaign. Participants can also access zero-interest financing to cover the initial expenses associated with structuring their investment offering and bringing it to the public. This revolving fund eliminates cost barriers and ensures that any affordable housing provider seeking community investment can participate.

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