Our Process

When you succeed, we succeed. That’s why we will be there with you every step of the way. We take you from learning about community bonds to raising your funds in an average of 12 months. Explore each step below.

Step 1: Learn

Our Introductory Community Bond Workshop is an interactive 3-hour session that helps you understand how community bonds work and if they are right for your organization. 

After the workshop, you’ll receive a readiness assessment from Tapestry with actionable steps to bring your project to life.

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Step 2: Prepare

Clients come to us at all different stages. It is our job to get you to the point of being investment ready. To see if community bonds will work for your organization, we will model your finances and a variety of community bond scenarios, and you will conduct stakeholder consultations to understand your community’s needs and appetite for investment.

With your bond terms set, we will prepare all the necessary documents to issue community bonds, including:

  • 5-10 year business plan
  • offering statement 
  • term sheet
  • trust agreement
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Step 3: Raise

Once your campaign launches, your Campaign Managers are with you every step of the way until you reach your goal. They will be meeting with you regularly to help you build community excitement and media attention.

As bonds are being purchased, our Investment Management Team will work in the background to onboard investors and process their transactions.

Step 4: Manage

Once you have reached your target investment, Tapestry will continue to support you with professional investor management services using our custom built platform, Atticus. 

Our Investment Management Team will look after interest disbursements, issue tax forms and provide customer service to investors as needed. We will also support you with financial reporting on your bonds.

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