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On May 2nd, joined by an excited crowd of social innovators, Tapestry officially launched it’s new suite of services to help non-profits and co-ops across Canada raise capital through community investment.

Tapestry Community Capital is the latest social venture of the TREC Co-operative, a non-profit organization founded in 1998 to advance the community power sector of Ontario. For years, the TREC Co-operative has assisted renewable energy co-ops across Ontario to raise community dollars for community owned sustainable energy projects. With the support of TREC, renewable energy co-ops such as SolarShare, WindShare and ZooShare, have raised close to $40 million in community investment.

With Tapestry, we are expanding on TREC’s experience in renewable energy and opening up our knowledge of social finance tools to non-profits and co-ops across all sectors, including affordable & inclusive housing, arts & culture, health care, local & sustainable food, co-working and community service agencies.

Driven by a steadfast belief in the power of community, Tapestry envisions a world where community investment is the new normal. We see a whole new wave of organizations and social enterprises committed to not only leveraging their community to realize social good, but to keeping returns within the community, creating and redistributing wealth via local investment opportunities.

Community bonds can and will play a vital role in helping social enterprises to scale their operations, take ownership of assets, and meaningfully engage their network of supporters in that growth. We look forward to helping non-profits and co-ops across Canada build upon their greatest asset: their community.